Friday, 15 June 2012

Earn real money

Just GOTO :
Now You can hack the world at ur house .
2012june ,Edward publish hack tricks about Network hacking,,,,,,,,,

  • Airtel Free Callertune Hack At Westbengal

1.Some network don"t Care about there services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
like Airtel cannot nagetive balance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
And we get a hack chance to hack callertune //////,,,,,

 It is hacked by Mazzad Mondal phone no.9732852275

Now follow steps : 

লে হালুয়া
1. Atfirst your Airtel balance RS.1/-

2. Then Goto Write Massage and  Write  HTSUBS
3. And send To 59123 (tollfree)
4. Now Get 100% free Callertune ,,,,,
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